Best Places to Taste Beer in Lviv

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Many countries, including Ukraine, consider beer brewing to be part of their culture and national heritage. Lviv is often called the beer capital of Ukraine. Let's see what it has to offer.

Ukraine's oldest beer brewery was founded in Lviv in 1715. Monks were allowed to build a brewery in Lviv suburbs where "own good" beer is still being made. During the Austria-Hungary period, businessman Robert Doms, being guided by the world trends of the time, introduced technologies which revolutionized beer brewing. He was among the first to set up production the way the most advanced European brewers did then. During the Soviet era, it was one of the largest beer makers of the Ukrainian SSR, selling under the Kolos brand. The beer it produced was clearly popular judging by paper labels with international marks of the Soviet Aeroflot airline and merchant maritime transport agency, which no other Soviet beer had.


Lvivarnya pub in LvivThe city's beer history museum Lvivarnya was recently opened on the premises of the Lviv brewery. Let us start your introduction to Lviv beer with this place because here you can taste it and learn a lot of interesting stuff about the brewing history. Lvivarnya is one of the most advanced museums in Ukraine and Lviv - moreover, it has a bar! Because it is interactive, every visitor can put on a brewer's hat and immerse themselves in the history of brewing. You can touch everything and take pictures.

Pravda Beer Theater

Pravda beer theater in LvivThe next stop of our Lviv pub crawl is the Pravda Beer Theater. Pravda is not just a pub but a true brewery in Market Square, the very heart of Lviv. It is located in the early 20th century stone house built for well-known merchant of the time Zipper. In Pravda, you can actually see a brewer at work on the stage.

This Ukrainian beer is made on a daily basis so that visitors could enjoy this heady drink with a unique style recognized by the world. Pravda's founders are proud that their beer is the talk of the town in various countries and continents, helping people to learn about Lviv and Ukraine. Beer here is made by brewers from Ukraine, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the USA. From here it is a short walk to the pub with the largest selection of tap beer in the city...

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Beer bottles in rowsChoven is Lviv's first multitap pub, offering 16 types of Ukrainian craft beer. It is considered one of the best craft beer pubs in Lviv. Even the most discerning beer connoisseurs will be impressed by Choven's selection. To prevent an avalanche of questions, the beer menu gives a very detailed description of every option: strength, bitterness, color and taste nuances. Choven updates its beer menu with new brands every week. Keep track of new beer on tap by joining the pub's closed Facebook group.


Pouring beer from tapThe Kumpel gastro-pub is known for a unique menu that is as diverse and multifaceted as Lviv itself: here visitors will find interpretations of Ukrainian, Galician, Polish, Hungarian, Italian and Jewish cuisine. Kumpel's beer is prepared according to the authentic recipe and is made of the highest quality German malt. For those who'd like to warm up with the beer, regulars suggest ordering one of the most popular picks, a one-meter long sausage.

Another interesting pick is beer zupa - a thick soup based on beer and broth served in round bread with bacon. In summertime guests are welcome to sit on the spacious rooftop terrace to observe the city panorama.

Poshta na Drukarskiy

Pint of beer on the tableLike many Lviv bars, Poshta na Drukarskiy restaurant offers a superb selection of European bottled craft beer. Special prominence is given to two breweries: De Molen from the Netherlands and Scottish Brewdog. True beer gourmets may take interest in the exclusive Belgian beer Westvleteren Trapist (brewed by monks). Our pub crawl is about to come to an end but if you feel hungry, we suggest you check out the Delicateca burger joint. Yes, we are talking about burgers, not beer.

Delicateca has every right to be on our list of the most popular beer places in the city. The beer menu is relatively short but extremely thoroughly curated. To complement juicy burgers (which, by the way, are said to be the best in town), the bar offers three types of tap beer – Hemingway (dark), Thompson (lager) and Vonnegut (ale) – as well as bottled craft beer made by the Ukrainian breweries VarVar and Tsypa.

Lazy Dog

Pouring beer from a bottleLazy Dog pub is located in the center of Lviv, surrounded by various cultural sightseeing spots like Armenian Cathedral of Lviv, Armenian Quarter and Transfiguration Church. The concept of the pub is partially reflected in the name - there are numerous dog-themed items from the kennel at the entrance to various art pieces and photographed on the walls.

The pub has its own beer type, Lazy Dog, as well as more classic options on tap and in bottles. Guinness, among others, is one of the most popular picks at Lazy Dog pub. Dark beer is recommended by many visitors. As for the food, snacks like chicken nuggets, soups and steaks were noted on TripAdvisor. In summer, Lazy Dog has an outdoor terrace to chill at.

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