Best Restaurants in Lviv, Ukraine Everyone Should Visit

Croissants and coffee

Lviv is a city of an advanced food culture. There are plenty of conceptual themed restaurants which deserve a visit and a mention by Destinations.

Baczewski Restaurant

Restaurant with a lot of plantsThe Baczewski family has been known all over Europe and elsewhere since 1782 when it opened the world's first mass-production vodka distillery. Now the legendary vodka is back to Lviv. In addition, there are unique liquors and bitters for you to enjoy. The Baczewski Restaurant collects and preserves the legendary recipes of Halychyna: Galician, Ukrainian, Polish, European and Jewish cooking traditions. A vegetarian menu is also available. Take a few steps down to the Baczewski cellars to sample home-made liquors infused with barberry, dogwood and rose petals… There is something to please any palate. No wonder Baczewski Restaurant is often considered the best place to have a dinner in Lviv.

Address: 8, Shevska Street

Mons Pius

Mon Pius restaurant in LvivMons Pius / Beer & Meat is located in the building of Lviv's first pawn shop bank, which had been in business for 300 years up until 1940. Mons Pius is Latin for "the Mountain of Grace". The first hall of the restaurant features an original stained glass made by Jan Henryk de Rosen, an outstanding mural and mosaic painter who decorated Lviv's Armenian Cathedral, the Presentation Church at the Carmelite Convent and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, and even a private chapel at the summer residence of Pope Pius XI in Castel Gandolfo, Italy. Meat is at the heart of the restaurant's menu. Mons Pius is IQOS friendly, which means you no longer need to go out for a smoke. You can use IQOS indoors.

Address: 14, Lesi Ukrainky Street

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Traditional Lviv cuisineThe stone house hosting the Centaur cafe has cherished the memories of people who lived here since 1500s. Its authentic thick walls make visitors feel cozy while sweet old knick-knacks tell a story of Lviv residents' daily rituals. Centaur's cuisine introduces Lviv "as it is" in terms of its tastes and specialties.

The traditional Lviv urban cuisine is Ukraine's most diverse one because the city has always been home to many ethnicities whose interactions could not but influence local cooking practices. Centaur is IQOS Friendly. You can buy sticks, recharge your IQOS or borrow a spare one from the bartender.

Address: 34, Rynok Square

House of Legends

House of Legends restaurant in LvivEasily one of the most Instagram-ed restaurants in Lviv, House of Legends is known for unique exterior: the building located in the downtown instantly catches the eye. The reason behind is a statue of a dragon and various decor elements that are placed all over the 7 floors of the building.

The title of the café speaks for itself: every room in this house opens a story of the city’s legends from the abundance of lions to small but charming elements like cobblestone. The menu is full of dishes from Ukrainian and European cuisine and has an array of nalyvkas. Each evening at 9.24 the dragon spews fire from its mouth, making the passers-by happy with unusual fireworks.

Address: 48, Staroievreiska Street

Trapezna Idey

Delicious Lviv foodTrapezna Idey is a unique location to enjoy food as well as the wonderful interior of a former Bernardine Church cellar. Known for its mysterious atmosphere, the spot in Lviv attracts people in search of inspiration, new ideas and authentic Ukrainian food. Many guests bring laptops and books along. Deliberating over new projects, they sample the traditional Lviv cuisine.

Address: 18A, Valova Street

Arsenal. Ribs and Spirits

Man holding BBQ ribsThis single-product restaurant puts ribs and supplements front and center. Its specialty is barbequed ribs cooked in an open-plan kitchen. Meat is ordered from local farmers who guarantee it is always fresh. There is also an axe museum featuring exhibits from all over the world.

Address: 5, Pidvalna Street

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