Top 10 Cozy Cafes in Kyiv to Visit in Autumn 2018

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This year, autumn seems to have quickly conquered the capital — dwellers of Kyiv quickly changed T-shirts for hoodies. Luckily, the unwelcoming weather and autumn spleen can be fixed with a homey atmosphere and delicious food.

Call Me Cacao

Cozy coffeshop in KyivCall Me Cacao is a cafe that is cozy in every way, starting from its location on Podil to the interior choice. The room has numerous cozy rugs from the Carpathians and pillow to make yourself comfortable on a cold autumn day. The favorite spot of many visitors is the rug-clad window seat perfect for watching passers-by. As the name suggests, cocoa is the specialty of the place.

You will find 13 types of cocoa on the menu, including unusual flavors like lavender, fresh ginger or honey and spices. Hot chocolate is available as well with the same flavors. As for the food, the cafe offers various types of cake, puddings, cookies, sandwiches and soup of the day. The cafe has free Wi-Fi.

Address: 35, Nyzhnii Val Street

The Blue Cup Coffee Shop

Barista pouring coffeeThe cozy coffee shop located 10 minutes from the Teatralna metro station is often dubbed as one of the most hipster-visited locations in Kyiv. It’s no wonder: the new interior with mid-century furniture elements, animalistic cushions and marine lamps call carefully balance each other and create a cozy vibe. The main accent is placed on the wallpaper with intricate animal illustrations: pipe-smoking bull and bobcat in a beanie are often characters of Instagram selfies. Various desserts and the alternative coffee brew is what attracts the regulars. The Blue Cup Coffee Shop is a popular location among freelancers who seek quietness and peace in the ever-bustling city.

Address: 5, Pushkinska Street

Madame Josy

Coffee and cakeThe patisserie located near Maidan Nezalezhnosti has gathered the crème de la crème of the French traditions: rich colors, outdoor tables, fresh flowers on the tables and, of course, desserts that resemble works of art. The place’s menu specials from tarts and éclairs to croissants and macarons are prepared carefully to make a picture-perfect meal. Madame Josy updates the menu each season, making it a good spot to indulge in autumn-themed pastries and watch the street while sitting in a cozy cafe.

Address: 4, Borysa Hrinchenka Street

Travel Cafe

Travel cafe in KyivAutumn is the season people often find themselves wishing they were somewhere else. The existential dread can be dispersed in Travel Cafe located in the center of Kyiv. As the name suggests, everything about the place's interior is gently inspiring the guests to think about exciting trips. The cafe's palette also fits the autumn mood: an abundance of yellow, orange, brown, topped with numerous lightning sources makes it warm and cozy. The menu corresponds with the cafe's theme and has picks from different countries, like French quiche or Portugal pasteis. Different types of coffee are available here as well.

Address: 26, Shota Rustaveli Street

Cookietone Concept Bakery

Cookietone cafe in KyivCookietone appeared in the center of Kyiv about two years ago and instantly became a popular spot for those who want to enjoy delicious pastries in a cozy atmosphere. The interior of the bakery is filled with classic pastel items like Smeg fridges. Numerous lights, pillows and plants create the homey vibe much needed in autumn. The bakery's showcase is overflowing with cookies of various types and flavors. Besides, Cookietone offers cakes, breakfasts, sandwiches, soups and salads. One of the hits of sale are pancakes with maple syrup and nuts. If the weather is warm, you can enjoy the meal outside on a small terrace.

Address: 25/40, Ivana Franka Street

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Bookshop-Coffee Shop Stary Lev

Stary Lev bookshop in KyivAutumn and books is the classic duo that most people remember way back from school. Those who carry a passion for literature might be interested in the small and cozy coffee shop located right in the bookshop of the Stary Lev publishing house. The room has long wooden bookshelves filled with books for kids and adults. There are several tables and bean-bags for extra coziness. The coffee shop's menu includes a classic selection of different types of tea, coffee and pastries.

Address: 10, Prorizna Street

Éclair Little Artwork

Eclair Little artwork cafe in KyivÉclair Little Artwork is a family-run confectionery, where owners control each step of production and make sure everything is perfect. The interior of this small café near Maidan Nezhalezhnosti is done in soft pastel colors. It’s a cozy getaway from the noise of the city’s central street. The menu, as one can guess, is concentrated on éclairs of all flavors and designs. To name but a few, you can try the classic vanilla, lemon, cherry and more adventurous flavors like Snickers or pina colada. Coffee and hot cocoa are offered to top the sweet dish.

Address: 6, Kostolna Street

Boulangerie Artisan

Croissant and coffeeThis lively French bakery is located in 10 minutes away from the Zoloti Vorota station, located on the busy Yaroslaviv Val street. The place is always filled with hurried businessman and fashionable personas that pop in to buy baked goods of their choice to go. The takeaway option is indeed quite popular, but staying in the light-filled room with a cup of coffee is a sure recipe for the good autumn morning.

Delicious croissants with almond, mustard cream and chocolate are among the hottest picks in the café. Boulangerie is also known for intriguing seasonal offers for coffee, like caramel frappe, and classical yet just as tasty cappuccino and cocoa.

Address: 21/20A, Yaroslaviv Val Street; 7/10A, Liuteranska Street

Literature Cafe Imbyr

Imbyr literature cafe in KyivOne more spot for those who enjoy books, Imbyr ("Ginger") found its home not far from the Olympiiska metro station. The cafe's quiet, toned-down interior and abundance of books on numerous topics often lures in not only bookworms but moms with kids. The cafe might interest vegetarians: the menu here is filled with healthy meals, some of which are marked as suitable for vegans, celiacs and raw-eaters. To give an idea, you will find dishes like guacamole, pasta, paneer cheese and hummus. Imbyr' also offers immunomodulatory cocktails.

Address: 7, Zhylianska Street


Coffee, magazine and catNaturally, the iconic Kharms cafe located near the Zoloti Vorota metro station can't be omitted from the list. The Kyiv classic often hosts lectures and events on all topics from travel to literature. The latter isn't surprising - the coffee shop is filled with numerous books, magazines and notebooks including English-language literature. The epitome of coziness is reached by the presence of the cat called Elliot that enjoys napping.

Kharms' menu has all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and croissants, soups, bowls and a large selection of desserts. Crème brûlée is an often-praised dessert served here. As for the drinks, you will find classic and alternative brew coffee, smoothies, tea, hot cocoa and even wine for the chilly autumn evenings.

Address: 45A, Volodymyrska Street

The following list is the editor’s choice.

Photo sources:, Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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