Ostannya Barykada Restaurant in Kyiv

Ostannya Barykada Restaurant in Kyiv

Ostannya Barykada ("The Last Barricade") Restaurant in Kyiv is a new project of the famous Ukrainian Chef Dima Borisov. Ostannya Barykada or simply OB is a gastronomic and artistic space, a meeting place for free open-minded people.

Ostannya Barykada is a gastronomic and art space, meeting place for free people, a platform for innovative projects, which are changing society for better. If you share these values, you must find a way here. Ostannya Barykada is Dima Borisov’s contribution to the development of Ukrainian gastronomic culture.
Last Barricade cafe interiorOstannya Barykada is all about 100% Ukrainian products, chosen while traveling around different regions of Ukraine. The new restaurant has a huge collection of Ukrainian cheese coming from private farms and professional cheese producers; the collection of freshly baked bread, prepared according to original authentic recipes; fresh quality meat, fish and seafood from the Black Sea. The restaurant is the first fully Ukrainian bar with a huge collection of Ukrainian wine, spirits, vodka (‘horilka’ in Ukrainian) and craft beer with no foreign alcohol at all. Ukrainian dish in Last Barricade“In our understanding, Ostannya Barykada is a meeting place for free, creative and enthusiastic people - a new generation, born during the times of three modern Ukrainian revolutions: Student Revolution on the Granite (1990), the 2004 Orange Revolution and the last Revolution of Dignity in 2014. For us it is important that those who come here share our values - freedom, democracy and tolerance”, - says Dima Borisov, the owner of the new restaurant his Gastrofamily chain.
Dima Borisov restaurant in Kyiv“That is why we do not use advertising. Moreover, one must know the password to enter. ‘Our people’ are those who have the spirit, the views and the lifestyle that unite us. We consider ‘Ostannya Barykada’ to be a platform for implementation of new social and cultural ideas, brainstorming, development and promotion of values. ‘Ostannya Barykada’ is a place to hold meetings, to work, to attend art events, to present and implement ambitious ideas, cultural and social projects. Search, discover, dream, generate ideas - together we will create our future.”Ukrainian national attire in KyivIn addition, here you can also buy clothes, books and design items from Ukrainian young brands.
Come over to new ‘Ostannya Barykada’ restaurant to feel the real spirit of new generation of Ukrainian people and taste Ukrainian gastronomic delights!
Address: 1, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv
Photo source: OB Official Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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