Breakfast in Kyiv: 7 New Places of 2018

Person having eggs and juice for breakfast

Each month the capital of Ukraine almost breaks the records when it comes to the number of newly-opened dining spots. In case you are in search of the new place to have a hearty breakfast, we made a list of locations opened in 2018.

Tsvetochnaya Lavka

Breakfast at Tsvetochnaya LavkaTsvetochnaya Lavka means a "flower stall" in Russian and the cafe is just as delicate when it comes to interior design and dishes served here. This spot located on Saksahanskoho Street is often included in the lists of most Instagram-able locations of the capital. Every dish in Tsvetochnaya Lavka is served in deep bowls, following the 2018 culinary trend.

The menu is conveniently divided into various sections depending on the ingredients. For instance, morning bowls have flavors like fruit porridge, mango smoothie with fruits, granola and chia seeds, or omelet with pickled salmon, hummus and bread. The newly-introduced breakfast option is the fried eggs bowl: English muffin served with salmon or chicken under Hollandaise sauce. The choice of drinks ranges from smoothies and a large selection of tea to coffee, including the new "Insta cappuccino" with raspberry flavor.

Address: 13/42, Saksahanskoho Street

Kafe Selekta

Breakfast at Selekta cafe in KyivThe cafe located right near Khreshchatyk might be familiar to those who popped into Cafe Select Eatery opened here last year. Selekta is the new version of the former cafe that now focuses on breakfasts (served from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.) and delicious cocktails. The cafe has a wide range of more than 15 breakfast options for every taste.

To name but a few, there's a traditional whole oatmeal with tomatoes and kale, classic omelet, poached egg, and scrambled eggs. As for the more exotic picks, try the Israeli shakshuka with toasts and corn Frittata with avocado sauce, tomatoes, poached egg and microgreens. There are also two types of bowls, croissants, toasts, and traditional Ukrainian syrnyky with strawberry jam, berries and honey.

Address: 2A, Baseina Street

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Blur Coffee

Breakfast at Blur CoffeeLocated a minute away from the Klovska metro station, Blur Coffee has already gained popularity among local office workers and students. The key feature of this cafe is simplicity — all beverages are divided into three groups, namely black coffee, coffee with milk, and filter coffee, with a fixed price for each category. Blur Coffee is one of the spots that serve 24/7 breakfasts in Kyiv.

There are three types of toast: yogurt & tomatoes, peach & prosciutto, and figs & maple syrup. The bread used for all toasts is yeast-free. Another popular pick here is a breakfast bowl: the flavors include peach smoothie & granola, mango smoothie & cashew, and apricot smoothie & spirulina. You can choose whether to have usual, lactose-free or soy milk in the bowl.

Address: 5, Mechnykova Street

Coffee and the City

Breakfast at Coffee and the CityOne more spot located on Saksahanskoho Street is Coffee and the City, which hints at the specialties served here in the title. The coffee represented here includes espresso, long black, doppio, classics from cappuccino to latte and the already-familiar to everyone RAF and flat white. You can opt for lactose-free milk. The place's specials include blue latte with lavender syrup, rose latte with tea rose syrup and green latte with matcha.

As for the food, all-day breakfast options include toasts with poached eggs, scrambled eggs with a croissant, syrnyky with apricot jam and black rum, porridge with poached eggs and parmesan, as well as granola with avocado, nuts, pumpkin seeds and dried cherries. Besides, there are numerous croissants with sweet and savory fillings. The café is dog-friendly.

Address: 118, Saksahanskoho Street

Beliy Shum

Breakfast at Beliy ShumBeliy Shum, or 'White Noise' in English, is located in the Bursa Hotel located in the historic Podil district. Bursa, along with the Bar 1818, was one of the loudest openings of spring 2018 in Kyiv. Breakfast here is conveniently served from 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. to satisfy the early risers and late birds. The options are pretty classic: toasts with poached eggs, avocado and Hollandaise sauce, traditional syrnyky with Pavlova, freshly-baked croissants, fried eggs with potato, cucumbers, avocado and kimchi.

Besides, starting from 11 A.M. the cafe serves pancakes with ricotta and bourbon caramel sauce. The drinks to top off breakfast include classic coffee picks like espresso and cappuccino, tea, and flavors for the adventurous - matcha latte, orange foam, and cascara sour.

Address: 11, Kostiantynivska Street

Bali Bowl

Breakfast at Bali BowlBali Bowl Café is neatly tucked in downtown right in front of the Kyiv cinema. The light, plant-filled interior lures in many walk-ins. Bowls, which make the most part of the menu here, are a definitive food trend of 2018. The large dish contains nutritious ingredients to leave the body nourished. To give an idea, the cafe offers a nori-avocado bowl with nori, avocado, quinoa, carrots, cucumbers, soy sprouts and walnut sauce.

There are 14 bowls in total, three of them being vegetarian. Other items on the menu include spring rolls and chia puddings. As for the drinks, Bali Bowl offers smoothies, different types of coffee and tea. It's possible to order any meal from the menu to-go. The cafe is pet-friendly.

Address: 14, Velyka Vasylkivska Street


Pasteis de Nata at PortuguesaFinally, if you're not the one for hearty breakfasts but rather baked goods and a cup of coffee, Portuguesa located near Lvivska square is the place to go. As the name suggests, this cafe serves the traditional Portuguese dessert - pastéis. The egg tart pastry sprinkled with cinnamon is a perfect light breakfast that can be topped off with coffee or tea. You can choose filter, black or white coffee - or ask the barista to prepare your favorite.

Apart from the delicious pastéis, freshly-baked croissants with chocolate are available here as well.

Address: 11, Sichovykh Striltsiv Street

The following list is the editor's choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
Photo sources:, Senza Nome / Facebook, Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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