New Dining Spots in Kyiv: November 2018 Review

Juicy burger and fries

This autumn breaks the records of dining spots openings. While we previously wrote about 10 new spots that opened in Kyiv, more restaurants, bars and cafes were launched during that month.


Tattooed bartender at ZVD in KyivThe list of 24/7 spots in Kyiv now has one more place: ZVD located right near the Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho metro station and Kyiv cinema in a quiet courtyard. The bar will organize parties and serve as a place where guests can chill out afterward. Fans of hookah and vape will appreciate a separate hall.

The main focus on the menu is placed on shawarma. While it's mostly regarded as shady street food in Ukraine, ZVD plans to change that by serving the dish the restaurant way. All in all, there are 8 types of shawarma, including chicken, veal, rabbit, duck, and falafel. Some of them are called after NYC boroughs, like Hell's Kitchen with veal and champignons. The cocktail list offers more than 10 positions, both classic picks and bartender's specials.

Address: 23В, Velyka Vasylkivska Street


Chacha distillery at ChachavarnyaYet another Georgian cuisine restaurant was opened in Kyiv at the end of October. Chachavarnya, which means "chacha brewery", specializes in the traditional Georgian hard spirit. Chacha is made from pomace - a residue of grapes left after making vine. It is often called a vine vodka thanks to its strong aftertaste. Chacha is also known as a homemade drink, so visiting Chachavarnya is a nice chance to witness the brewing process. As for the food to accompany the drink, classics from Georgian cuisine like khinkali, kebabs, and grilled mutton are all available here.

Address: 1-3/5, Pushkinska Street


Kid's Halloween celebration at Pepenero in KyivPepenero restaurant is located in Voskresenska district on the left bank of the Dnipro River not far from the Darnytsia metro station. The new spot is a family-friendly restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine. So, visitors will find pasta, risotto, bruschetta, and, naturally, pizza. As for the desserts, Pepenero has a 'dessert of the day' policy, where you have to ask the waiter what's on today.

While there's no separate menu for kids, the restaurant is still pretty kid-friendly. There's an entertainment zone where kids can play while parents dine. Besides, the restaurant organizes parties for kids like Halloween celebrations.

Address: 16B, Voskresenska Street

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Pumpkins and cafe interiorIt seems that in the latest years Kyiv seriously jumped on the sex-ed train: first, the museum of sex and a thematic cafe was opened in the downtown, then a couple of BDSM bars, and now a sex shop - with a surprisingly cozy cafe. The sex shop with a prominent name Cok is located in the downtown on Reitarska street. The cafe so far offers drinks like various sorts of coffee and snack desserts like brownie. The owners plan to introduce a full menu soon.

Address: 26/14, Reitarska Street


Seafood at Liubchik restaurant in KyivA new restaurant called Liubchik opened by Dima Borisov Family popped up instead of Besarabia, once again Borisov's venue. Liubchik is no stranger to Kyiv - the first restaurant serving classic Odesa cuisine is one of the most popular restaurants on Vozdvizhenka.

As the restaurant is promoting food from Odesa, it's not hard to guess that the majority of dishes include seafood. Thus, the Black Sea shrimps, rice with crayfish and mussels, noodles with crayfish, shellfish and rapa whelks are represented in the menu. Those who'd like to switch from seafood to meat might be interested in pork ribs with baked apples or kebabs.

Address: 7, Besarabska Square

Grano Cafe

Italian dish at Grano cafe in KyivOne more family business, Gusovsky Restaurants, opened Grano Cafe - a fast-service spot that works on the basis of Grano restaurant. The dining spot is located in Pechersk district not far from the Hryshko Botanical Garden. Grano is an Italian restaurant, so Grano Cafe follows the lead and offers traditional soups, salads, several kinds of fish and meat dishes, pasta, sandwiches and, naturally, Neapolitan pizza.

The owners plan regularly adding new positions on the menu. Grano might be interesting for those who like to dine out on lunch breaks: a set of two dishes (UAH 199) and a set of three dishes (UAH 249) are available here for takeout.

Address: 2, Bolsunovska Street


Interior at Phi Phi restaurant in KyivThe new restaurant on Dmytrivska street might be familiar to those who visited 'Mama, ya doma' restaurant with its famous inner courtyard. Phi-Phi was opened on the same spot at the beginning of October. The new spot specializes in Thai cuisine and functions as a small haven to relax in the middle of a busy week. The name definitely hints at the purpose, as the restaurant was called after Phi Phi Islands.

The menu has Thai specials like the traditional shrimp soup Tom Yan Kung and European dishes like Chicken Kyiv. Besides, there's a separate breakfast section already noted by the visitors. It includes croissants with various flavors, oatmeal with fruits, syrnyky with cherry jam as well as German and Mediterranean breakfast with eggs.

Address: 62/20, Dmytrivska Street

Photo sources: websites and Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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