7 Best Hot Cocoa Spots in Kyiv: Editor's Choice

Hot cocoa with marshmallow

Kyiv is wrapped in mist and soaked in grey winter atmosphere. Luckily, a cup of hot cocoa can bring some festiveness even to the dullest days. We chose 7 cafes in Kyiv to indulge in the hot drink from its classic recipe with marshmallows to unusual flavors like lavender, chili, and peanut butter.


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Публикация от Городское кафе Хармс (@harms_kyiv)

The iconic Kharms cafe located near the Zoloti Vorota metro station is a must-visit place when it comes to cocoa. The menu boasts seven flavors: classic with marshmallow, lavender, cardamom & cloves, ginger & chili, coconut, mint and Halva.

Kharms' menu has all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and croissants, soups, bowls and a large selection of desserts to indulge in. Crème brûlée is an often-praised dessert served here. Besides, Kharms is filled with numerous books, magazines and notebooks including English-language literature and is home to a lovely lazy cat called Elliot.

Address: 45A, Volodymyrska Street

Call Me Cacao

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Call Me Cacao is a cafe that is cozy in every way, starting from its location on Podil to the interior choice. The room has numerous cozy rugs from the Carpathians and pillow to make yourself comfortable on a cold autumn day. The favorite spot of many visitors is the rug-clad window seat perfect for watching passers-by.

As the name suggests, cocoa is the specialty of the place. You will find 13 types of cocoa on the menu, including unusual flavors like lavender, fresh ginger or honey and spices. Hot chocolate is available as well with the same flavors. As for the food, the cafe offers various types of cake, puddings, cookies, sandwiches and soup of the day. The cafe has free Wi-Fi.

Address: 35, Nyzhnii Val Street

Aroma Espresso Bar

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The famous Israeli chain of cafes has two cafes in Kyiv: located near the Olympiiska metro station and the Vokzalna metro station. Both of them are quite cozy and aren't crowded at any time of the day, mostly filled with office people and businessmen met up for lunch.

The menu is filled with dishes of Jewish cuisine, as well as international classics. Cocoa in Aroma Espresso Bar is based on Belgium chocolate and can be served with marshmallows. The traditional Israeli Shakshouka, made with poached eggs, tomatoes, and chili is one of the most popular picks to accompany the drink.

Address: 5, Dilova Street; 75, Zhylianska Street

The Blue Cup Coffee Shop

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The famous coffee shop located 10 minutes from the Teatralna metro station is known as one of the most Instagram-able locations in Kyiv. The interior is filled with mid-century furniture elements, animalistic cushions and lamps that create a cozy vibe.

The place's cocoa is certainly adding to the coziness as well. The hot drink is available in three variations: the classic, with marshmallow and with rum. Various desserts like lemon tart or meringue can make a nice duo with the sweet cocoa. 

Address: 5, Pushkinska Street

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Druzi Cafe

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The classic Kyiv cafe is often filled to the brim with companies and travelers, who stay at the popular Dream House Hostel located in the same building. The cafe offers an unusual spin on the classic winter drink - cocoa here is served with peanut butter and marshmallows.

Like a true B&B, the menu has numerous options to accompany the drink. There are tips to try scrambled eggs with spinach, potato mushrooms and tomatoes, oatmeal with berries, poached eggs with ham, and a popular Ukrainian dish — syrnyky served with berries or chia pudding. Besides, Druzi has plenty of classic board games like Monopoly, Django, Memory and Alias to enjoy a round in the cozily hidden cafe on Andriivskyi Descent.

Address: 2D, Andriivskyi Descent (other locations of the cafe include 5, Prorizna Street and 49, Velyka Vasylkivska Street)

One Little Coffee Shop

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Публикация от • One Little Coffee Shop • (@one_little_coffee_shop)

The coffee shop located right between Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Sofiiska Square attracts with the atmosphere of incredible peace. The cafe lives up to its name and is indeed quite small. One Little Coffee Shop is heavily focused on European coffee culture — apart from classic cappuccino, guests are offered to try filter coffee or V60.

Naturally, the place wouldn't appear on the list if it didn't offer cocoa, served in a classic way. To top off the drink, One Little Coffee Shop offers desserts from local bakeries like brownies, vanilla cheesecake, Ukrainian medovyk with honey and Portuguese pasteis.

Address: 6, Sofiivs'ka Street

Lviv Handmade Chocolate

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Публикация от Львівська майстерня шоколаду (@lviv.handmade.chocolate.te)

Lviv Handmade Chocolate is famous for its handmade sweets but the soft and rich chocolatey drinks are worthy attention as well. As all sweets here are made of premium Belgium chocolate, the same can be said about cocoa and hot chocolate. The cafe offers classic hot dark, milk and white chocolate, as well as intricate flavors: with chili pepper, à la Lviv with carnation and cinnamon or with whipped cream.

Dessert section lures in with various cakes and place’s specials: for instance, Quark — a dessert made of cottage cheese jelly with chocolate or cherry jam topping. Another hit on the menu is Belgian waffles served with various sweet toppings. Each cafe's interior reminds of Lviv with its lush atmosphere, wooden tables and soft music.

Address: 36/16, Tarasa Shevchenko Boulevard; 2B, Andriivs'kyi descent; 45, Antonovycha street. The full list available on the official company wesbite

The following list is the editor's choice. All cafes are mentioned in a random order.
Cover photo: unsplash.com.

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