Ukrainian Cuisine Restaurants in Lviv to Warm Up In

Ukrainian borsch with sour cream and bread

Cold wind and early winter are no strangers in Ukraine, especially in the west. While the weather may not bring any pleasant surprises, local cuisine sure can lift the mood with hearty soups, baked dishes and hot beverages.

Trapezna Idey

Hutsul soup Bograch Often called a hidden gem of the city, Trapezna Idey is a unique restaurant located in a former Bernardine Church cellar. The place attracts local businessmen who discuss new ideas during a hearty lunch or tourists who'd like to explore the culinary side of Lviv.

The most popular specials at Trapezna Idey are bograch, a traditional Carpathian soup made from pork lard, meat and vegetables, as well as banosh - the principal dish of Hutsul cuisine. Banosh is a dense polenta often served with brynza cheese and pork lard. The recipe is tested by multiple generations in the Carpathians, so it's perfect for keeping warm during the coldest seasons.

Address: 18A, Valova Street


Beer and zupa at KumpelKumpel beer restaurant is known among locals and tourists as one of the best places to try the real Lviv beer. The restaurant has two spots in Lviv, both located close to the city center. The unique menu at Kumpel is as diverse and multifaceted as Lviv itself: here visitors will find dishes of Ukrainian, Galician, Polish, Hungarian, Italian and Jewish cuisines.

Kumpel's beer is prepared according to the authentic recipe and is made of the highest quality German malt. For those who'd like to warm up with the beer, regulars suggest ordering one of the most popular picks, a one-meter long sausage. Another interesting pick is beer zupa - a thick soup based on beer and broth served in round bread with bacon.

Address: 2B, Chorovola Street; 6, Volodymyra Vynnychenka Street


Carpathian pizza in LvivKarpatSka Restauracia is located in the center of the city surrounded by Dominican Cathedral, Armenian Cathedral and Dzyga art gallery. This restaurant is one more place that embraces all cultures that left a trace in the local cuisine: in the menu, you will find dishes from Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Ukrainian and even under-represented Serbian cuisine.

The special dish at this restaurant is the Carpathian pizza made with the products brought straight from the mountain region. To give an idea, 'Ukrainian pizza' is made from the Carpathian mozzarella, white cottage cheese, smoked ham and black sausage, sprinkled with greenery and chili pepper. All pizzas are prepared in the special authentic oven.

Address: 29, Virmens'ka Street

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Above Cukiernia

Lviv schnitzelLviv's famous Cukiernia café often gathers sweet tooth of the whole city. If you want to explore the Galician cuisine beyond desserts, head to Above Cukiernia - the dining spot located right above the cafe. The restaurant proves that the local cuisine is not just about pies and varenyky but also goulash, lazanki and much more.

First-timers and regulars at Above Cukiernia often point out that schnitzel is the gem of the place. The menu has 5 types, including That Very Viennese Schnitzel made according to the classical Austrian recipe. You can also order a potato salad that is traditionally served with schnitzel in Galicia.

Address: 3, Staroievreiska Street


Ukrainian syrnyky and coffeeCentaur restaurant is located in the heart of the city in an old residential building, Kamienica Avenshtora, built way back in the 16th century. The authentic stone walls hide hundreds of years of history and visitors who pop in here have a chance to indulge in the local cuisine with an authentic vibe.

While the menu is full of hearty dishes like holubtsi with rabbit and Chicken Kyiv, the real gems should be sought in the desserts section. Here you will find Ukrainian classics like puffy syrnyky, as well as Lviv strudels. Top it off with a steaming cup of coffee - Centaur's own blend is famous not only in Lviv but beyond its borders.

Address: 34, Rynok Square

Trout, bread and wine

Baked trout and lemonThose who miss seafood and would like to introduce it in the winter menu might be interested in visiting Trout, bread and wine ("Pstruh, Khlib Ta Vyno") restaurant located near the Lviv Arsenal and remnants of the Golden Rose synagogue. The restaurant is known for its unique lively vibe and delicious fresh bread.

Baked trout, called 'pstruh' in Ukrainian, is one of the Galician specialties and is especially popular among Hutsuls. In Trout, bread and wine Kneipp, the dish is served with sour cream with mushrooms. To top off the hearty fish, ask the staff to recommend the best local wine.

Address: 49, Brativ Rohatyntsiv Street

The following list is the editor’s choice. All restaurants are mentioned in a random order.
Photo sources: Facebook pages of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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