Street Food Spots in Kyiv 2018: Editor's Choice

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Each month the capital is filled with numerous newly-opened cafes, restaurants and street food spots. The latter often tend to work for a couple months and disappear without notice. Destinations chose 5 tested street food spots from Belgian fries and French crêpes to falafel and hot dogs that are worth a visit in 2018.

Kipish Kosher

Falafel in pitaKipish is a bright-yellow food truck located right near the Brodsky Synagogue. It is easily reached by metro - one of the exits from the Palats Sportu station leads right to the street food spot. This spot is the real paradise for the fans of falafel - in Kipish, it is served in a pita bun with hummus and sauce. It could be served regular or extra spicy.

According to the information on the Facebook page, pitas are baked in a local Jewish restaurant and all ingredients for falafel are prepared on spot. Besides, Kipish has a kosher certification. Other items on the menu include shawarma, soups, and sabich - an Israeli sandwich made from eggs, eggplants, potatoes, cucumbers, hummus, tahina, and harissa served in a pita bun. The beverages include coffee, tea and lemonade.

Note that the working hours coincide with Sabbath: on Friday, Kipish closes at 2.30 P.M. and doesn't work on Saturday. Otherwise, it is opened every day from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Address: 13, Shota Rustaveli Street


Soup in an ediple cupSoupculture, or Soupkultura, is an unusual choice among the street food we are used to. The two spots in Kyiv sell vegetarian and vegan soups in edible cups. Soupculture might interest those who like a hearty yet healthy meal. The dough for edible cup does not contain milk, eggs or yeast, making it suitable for vegans. Moreover, the soups are meat-free. Seafood as an ingredient isn't served here as well.

The menu has various options for every taste, for instance, cheese, lentil or mushroom soups. Soupkultura also offers seasonal options, like the classic autumn pick - pumpkin soup. Each soup cup also has sesame and flax seeds that provide omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other useful minerals.

The two Soupculture spots have different working hours, so it's better to check beforehand on Google.

Address: 9, Fedorova Street; 40/2 Volodymyrska Street


French fries with a sauceThe new street food spot that sells Belgian-style fries appeared in Khreshchatyk Food Fest - a food court on their premises of KyivProject on Bohdana Khmelnytskoho street. The courtyard hosts numerous street food spots from burgers and hot dogs to paninis and khinkali. FriesBe is a fresh addition to the scene that opened this November. The menu focuses on Belgian fries served in a cone-shaped paper wrap.

You can also order a 'tornado' - fried potatoes with various supplements, like parmesan, sausage or different sauces from tomato and cheese to mushroom and Belgian. A classic hot dog is also available on the menu. The beverages here include Cola and coffee. Those who want to enjoy a full lunch can order a combo menu option: fries with a sauce, hot dog and Cola for UAH 69 or fries with a sauce, sausage and Cola for UAH 59.

Khreshchatyk Food Fest works daily from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.

Address: 16-22, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street (KyivProject courtyard)

Bilyi Nalyv

Chicken pie and apple ciderWhile Bilyi Nalyv technically isn't street food, many people still choose to enjoy hot dogs or cider outside the cafe. Due to the price policy and location on Khreshchatyk, this cafe opened by the famous restaurateur Dima Borisov is extremely popular among locals. The menu is quite simple and consists of 5 items: classic and vegetarian hot dogs, apple and chicken pies, fresh oysters with lemon.

The beverages are represented by 3 positions, all made from apples: cider, punch, and traditional Ukrainian homemade liquor nastoyanka. Everything from food to beverages costs UAH 29 or 1€. Despite the often long lines, clients are usually served quickly. You can also choose to sit inside the cafe, provided there's a free spot available.

Bilyi Nalyv works from 10 A.M. to 11 P.M. on Sun-Thu and from 10 A.M. to 2 A.M. on Fri-Sat.

Address: 21A, Khreschatyk Street


French crepes with strawberriesFrench crêpes are an underrepresented street food in Kyiv. The newly-opened food truck called Skovoroda aims to change the situation for the better. The bright-yellow truck is located near the Lva Tolstoho metro station, in front of the National University of Food Technologies. Guests assemble their crêpe like a kit by choosing a savory or sweet basis and various fillings.

One of the founders of Skovoroda, Anton Dykhnich, recommends a crêpe with chicken, mushrooms and cheese, and an apple purée & caramel crêpe among the sweet fillings. Apart from crêpes, he also offers to try pancakes - five pancakes per portion are served with chocolate sauce and bananas. The beverages include Ukrainian uzvar, mors, as well as hot drinks like tea and coffee. The owners plan to launch a delivery with Glovo in the nearest future.

The truck works from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. on Mon-Fri.

Address: 69, Volodymyrska Street

The following list is the editor’s choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
Photo sources:,,, Bilyi Nalyv Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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