Budget Food in Kyiv: Top 7 Eats Under 2 Euros

Burger and french fries on a plate

The 1-euro food trend first graced the capital in April 2018, when the Kyiv restaurateur Dima Borisov opened Bilyi Nalyv. Several months later, more and more businesses follow the successful model and open spots where visitors can enjoy food and drinks under 2 euros.

Bilyi Nalyv

Chicken pie and apple ciderThe original trendsetter of 1-euro dining spots, Bilyi Nalyv, is located in the heart of the city on Khreshchatyk in front of TSUM department store. The spot was opened by the famous restaurateur Dima Borisov. Visitors can dine inside, outside by the entrance to the cafe or take all items on the menu to-go. The orders take about 3 minutes to be prepared.

The menu is quite simple and consists of 5 items: classic and vegetarian hot dogs, apple and chicken pies, and fresh oysters with lemon. The beverages are represented by 3 apple beverages: cider, punch, and traditional Ukrainian nastoyanka - a homemade liquor.

Address: 23A, Khreshchatyk Street


Person preparing hot dogsAnother budget food spot in Kyiv located on Khreshchatyk is Rozkovbas - a bar where all food items on the menu cost UAH 29. This includes pizza (Pepperoni or Margarita), shrimps, hot dogs (classic and vegetarian), cheesecake, and fried potatoes with ketchup or cheese sauce. Besides, you can also order rye rusks as a snack to beer.

The beverages in Rozkovbas are represented by Coca-Cola, Jägermeister, mulled wine, punch and beer in three sizes (350, 530 and 750 ml), as well as an American Party Cup cocktail (beer, punch and Jägermeister). Rozkovbas also hosts regular parties with live music from DJs.

Address: 27, Khreshatyk Street


Potato dips and oystersDogz&Burgerz is one more 1-euro spot opened by Dima Borisov. The cafe is focused on exactly what the label says: hot dogs and burgers. You will find a quite simple menu: two types of burgers, two types of hot dogs, two types of pie and oysters with lemon. Good news for vegetarians, hot-dog comes in a vegetarian option as well.

The drinks are provided by Bilyi Nalyv and include apple cider, nalyvka, punch, lemonade and sparkling or still water. The burgers cost UAH 39 while hot-dogs and drinks come at the price of UAH 29. Apart from the original spot in Globus shopping mall, Dogz&Burgerz opened in Pechersk district in autumn 2018.

Address: 1, Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Globus food court); 3, Yevhen Hutsalo Lane

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Flower Mafia Bar

Cherry cider
Flower Mafia Bar located on Volodymyrska Street is one more place in the downtown where dwellers can enjoy any pick on the menu for a single price — UAH 28 or roughly 1 euro. This autumn, the bar opened a second floor to the visitors. The menu includes hot dogs, various types of coffee, three types of cider (apple, grapefruit and cider of the day that is daily featured on the bar’s Facebook page), Carpathian wines and hot picks of summer 2018 — Aperol and Prosecco.

Address: 69, Volodymyrska Street Bar

Mushlya Bar

ShrimpsMushlya on Khreshchatyk is a new seafood spot opened by Dima Borisov. Like in many other restaurants of his family business, food and drinks here cost 1 euro or UAH 39. The food is served by waiters in about 7 minutes after placing the order. The menu includes, among others, a bowl of mussels with a warm baguette in a creamy sauce, great oyster with lemon, shrimp burger, grilled mackerel sandwich, and potato dips with cheese sauce.

Shrimps take up a separate section on the menu. Visitors can choose among the cold boiled Black Sea shrimps (XS), cold boiled Whiteleg shrimps (M), or grilled Argentine red Shrimp (XL). As for the beverages, Bar Mushlya offers several types of wine, vermouth and beer. A bottle of wine or vermouth costs UAH 169, while a glass costs UAH 39 like everything else.

Address: 25, Khreschatyk Street


Grilled fishThe new 24/7 seafood spot opened this autumn in the basement of Chornomorka restaurant on Podil. Seledochnaya offers Ukrainian style seafood with fixed prices (UAH 58 and UAH 78) on the classic Odesa dish - forshmak. The dish comes from Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine and is essentially minced dish paste.

In Seledochnaya, there are 8 types of forshmak, among them with lightly-salted mackerel, Black sea herring with cucumber and horseradish, pollock, herring with pike caviar and sea bass. Another popular section on the menu is shuba - dressed herring salad considered a classic New Year dish in the post-USSR countries. The drinks include non-alcoholic beverages like coffee and tea, homemade tinctures, beer, wines and horilka.

Address: 5/2, Yaroslavska Street


Drinks and bruscettaNaprosecco bar was opened this autumn on Podil right near Kyiv Mohyla Academy. The spot has a quite short menu with 12 positions, which include oysters, shrimps, mussels, as well as classic and shrimp burgers. The drinks, as the name suggests, are represented by Prosecco, as well as water, Coca-Cola or wine. Both food and drinks vary in price: it starts at UAH 33 (1 euro).

Address: 41, Petra Sahaidachnoho Street

The following list is the editor's choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.
Photo sources: Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above, unsplash.com. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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