New Venues in Kyiv You Need to Visit This Winter

Delicious pancakes with maple syrup

Even the coldest Kyiv winters can't stop dwellers from popping to the new restaurants and cafes opened in the capital. Those who would still like to stay in might enjoy the new delivery service from McDonald's.

Urban Space 500

Urban Space 500 cafe in KyivUrban Space 500 is a new public restaurant located not far from Maidan Nezalezhnosti. According to the owners, from the very beginning, Urban Space 500 was created as a social enterprise - each of its 500 investors joined the project to assist in solving the social problems of the city. 80% of the profit will be directed to various city development projects from educational and cultural to charity.

The restaurant will function as a free space for press-conferences, presentations, lectures or workshops aimed at making Kyiv a better place. The big hall will have a big city vibe with an open kitchen, bar, take-away fridges and a small bookshop. All furniture in Urban Space 500 is eco-friendly.

As for the menu, Urban Space 500 offers dishes from international cuisines, such as poke bowls, hummus, masala chicken with green salad and brownies. There's a separate section of vegetable dishes and cheeses suitable for vegetarians. Besides, the restaurant serves breakfasts until 1 P.M. - oatmeal with various flavors, granola, pancakes and scrambled eggs are offered among the seven options.

Address: 9, Borysa Hrinchenka Street


Ribeye steakNegorkiy is a new restaurant located in the city center on the premises of New York Concept House. As stated on the restaurant's Facebook page, Negorkiy was largely inspired by New York both in the interior and the menu. To give an idea, Negorkiy offers a variety of Pan-Asian and European dishes, as well as a special Josper menu.

The latter is represented by steaks in Ukrainian style (Ribeye, New York, T-bone) and American style (Ribeye, New York). Moreover, seafood like tiger shrimps, octopus and wild salmon can also be cooked with Josper. The cocktail list has underrepresented classics like Clover Club cocktail that is made of gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and an egg white. One more American pick, Zombie cocktail, is based on 2 kinds of rum, grapefruit, lemon fresh, passion fruit and almond syrup.

Address: 74, Antonovycha Street


Bruschetta in KyivBruschetta is one of the popular family-friendly restaurants in Kyiv. The chain has two spots: on 52, Danyla Shcherbakivskoho Street in Nyvky district and the newly-opened spot on 22, Akhmatovoi Street in Pozniaky district. The restaurant is focused mainly on Italian cuisine and, as the name suggests, serves bruschetta - with eggplant and nut sauce, Caesar salad, salmon and Feta, sun-dried tomatoes and California creme cheese as well as cream cheese and peach.

Other sections on the menu include pizza, pasta, antipasti, Josper dishes and all-day breakfasts. There's a separate kid's menu with healthy dishes designed in a kid-friendly way: Angry Birds bruschetta, octopi pasta and a mouse cheesecake.

Address: 22, Akhmatovoi Street


Tonkotsu ramenThe new Ramen-Do restaurant located in a 5-minute walk from the Pecherska metro station focuses on ramen, finally giving more diversity in representation of the Japanese cuisine in Ukraine. The mono-format venue serves Tonkotsu ramen, originating on the Kyushu island and famous for its high nutritional value.

The menu and recipes were developed by a Japanese chef to preserve the authenticity. Visitors can order the Tonkotsu ramen and various additives like Char siu meat, eggs, noodles, spinach and nori. Barley tea, called Mugicha in Japanese, is offered for free. Note that the restaurant will go on vacation on December 29 and will open again on January 9, 2019.

Address: 3, Yevgena Gutsala Lane

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DOM N10 restaurant in KyivThe new restaurant Dom N10 is a real story-teller that explores the history of the 200-years building on 10, Spaska street. The venue is located on Podil and recreates its authentic intelligentsia atmosphere - handmade oak floors, wooden beams, library and lamps and carpets, created by the careful hands of Ukrainian masters. Dom N10 offers various international dishes, for instance, hummus, pitta, ravioli, tikka masala and risotto.

Ukrainian cuisine is paid special attention here: guests will find varenyky with cherries, medovyk cake with honey, borscht, as well as three types of home-baked pasties pyrizhky stuffed with meat, spring onion and eggs, or stewed cabbage. The restaurant's sommelier can assist with the right choice of wine from the extensive collection. Moreover, the menu has a separate section for wine, which includes jerked meat, cheese platters as well as antipasti and grissini.

Address: 10, Spaska Street


Sushi, ramen and white wineSvizhist ("Freshness" in Ukrainian) is yet another venue by Dima Borisov opened in the downtown this winter. The restaurant is located in Globus shopping mall on Maidan Nezalezhnosti and focuses on sushi. Guests are also offered various salads, bowls with shrimps & quinoa or chicken, ramen with chicken and miso soup with salmon and mussels. Sushi is represented by the regular rolls and classic Futomaki, where rice is the main filling.

Visitors will find rolls in two sizes, L or XL, with fillings like tuna, tempura shrimp, salmon, chicken and cheddar and vegetables. The famous Philadelphia rolls are available in Svizhist as well. As for the drinks, guests are offered dry white and semi-dry red wines, beer and non-alcoholic drinks like Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Bonaqua.

Address: 1, Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Globus Shopping Mall)

Who&Why. Drinkery

Who&Why. Drinkery bar in KyivWe previously wrote about the new EscoBar restaurant that opened instead of La Bodeguita Del Medio on Yaroslaviv Val. The venue followed the successful trend so popular in Kyiv in recent years - secret bars. Who&Why. Drinkery is located in the basement of EscoBar restaurant and is a classic speakeasy to get lost in the crowd. The menu includes, among others, salmon carpaccio, tartare, fried scallops and Pavlova dessert.

The cocktail map is conveniently divided by preferences: guests will find strong cocktails, berry-based, fruit and citrus-based, herbal-based, gastronomic and classic cocktails in separate sections. To give an idea, Who&Why. Drinkery serves classics like Aperol Spritz and specials like Tender made of Haymand's Old Tom Gin, Gum Mix, lychee puree, Sour Mix, aloe syrup and Ricard aperitif.

Address: 21A/20, Yaroslaviv Val


Charcuterie One more restaurant that opened this winter Yaroslaviv Val is Kora. The venue's name means "Tree bark" in Ukrainian and it's evident that the wood theme is continued in the interior with an abundance of natural elements. The menu is filled with international dishes like Ribeye steak, Caesar salad, Burrata with pesto sauce and Panna cotta.

Ukrainian cuisine fans will appreciate the separate section on the menu dedicated to the country's classics: borscht, varenyky with various fillings, syrnyky and herring with potatoes. The wine list offers wines from Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Argentina and New Zealand, Chile and Uruguay. Besides, the restaurant also offers organic wine.

Address: 30/18, Yaroslaviv Val

Kyiv Food Market

People in Odesa City MarketPhoto: Odesa City Market

The founder of the famous Odesa City Market Alex Cooper decided to open a similar venue in Kyiv. The message on the entrepreneur's Facebook page states that Kyiv Food Market will gather 25 best restaurant projects of Ukraine in the city center. While Alex said that the building was quite spacious (2000 square meters) and was built in 1801, the exact address and location are yet to be announced.

Address: TBA

McDonald's: now with delivery

McDonald's and GlovoThis winter, McDonald's in Kyiv introduced delivery option provided by the delivery service Glovo that was launched in 2018. The Managing Director of McDonald's in Ukraine Grzegorz Chmielarski stated in the interview with that delivery is currently available at 6 restaurants in downtown Kyiv.

The company plans to expand the net up to 10 restaurants until the end of the year and introduce delivery in other large cities in 2019. The cost of delivery is UAH 20. We previously wrote about Glovo delivery.

Photo sources: Facebook and websites of businesses mentioned above, All images belong to their rightful authors.

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