Chinese Cuisine Restaurants in Kyiv to Visit in January 2019

Chinese food

Officially, the Chinese New Year hasn't begun yet. However, you don't really need a reason to enjoy delicious sour-and-sweet chicken in one of the numerous Chinese restaurants in Kyiv.

Kytaysʹkyy Pryvit / China Hi

Chinese food in China HiThe two-story restaurant located in the downtown is one of the most popular and high-reviewed spots of Chinese cuisine in Kyiv. The owners decided to step away from the traditional interior and brought in the Chinese reality elements instead, like LED advertising boards.

As for the menu, it is filled with diverse Chinese dishes made of beef, duck, pork, chicken and lamb in spicy sauces. You can also find exotic dishes like 100-year old fermented eggs with coriander, fried crickets and zophobas grubs, or even a snake soup (note that you will have to order this soup a day in advance).

Address: 7, Ivana Franka Street


Dim Sum and cocktailsBao is a high-class Chinese restaurant located right near the Klovska metro station in the city center. It is one of the projects launched by chef Hector Jimenez-Bravo. Bao is no stranger to awards: it is a multiple-time winner of the prestigious SALT award and has a Certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor. Hector Jimenez-Bravo developed the concept and menu.

Guests can enjoy classics like the Beijing Duck. Dim Sum is one of the largest sections on the menu, offering 14 types of the dish. You can even try Hector's favorite shrimp wonton. As for the more sophisticated dishes, the menu has picks like crispy soft shell crab with wasabi cream sauce, salt and garlic chili pepper frog legs, as well as scallops grilled with vegetables and sweet spicy sauce.

Address: 14/1, Mechnykova Street


Sweet and sour chickenJasmine, also known as China Garage on TripAdvisor, is a legendary Chinese restaurant in Kyiv. While it is located far from the city center and doesn't stand out from the rest of the scenery, it can be easily spotted by the number of cars parked next to it. Jasmine is usually filled to the brim, as people come here for delicious authentic food prepared by Chinese chefs.

The restaurant's menu is quite diverse, offering more than a hundred dishes starting from the classic sour and sweet chicken with pineapples to Guo Bao Rou. The restaurant's interior might scare away some because it looks nothing like the high-end restaurants, yet it remains one of the best Chinese cuisine spots in Kyiv beloved by locals.

Address: 118A, Lobanovskyi Avenue

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Chinese foodOne more restaurant with a simple interior and delicious Chinese food is located right near the Olympiiska metro station. It is a somewhat hidden location mostly known to regulars and students from the neighboring Linguistic University. The portions, especially meat, are quite large.

That's why ordering a portion of meat like Szechuan beef and a bowl of rice is a popular option for two in Jungo. Another pick popular among the visitors in this restaurant is fried bananas in caramel. You can also bring your own alcohol upon a prior agreement with the restaurant.

Address: 16, Dilova Street


Chinese dumplings and chickenKitaika restaurant has two spots in Kyiv: one is located near the National Circus of Ukraine and the other near the Livoberezhna metro station. Both restaurants boast a modern interior with graffiti and urban decor elements. Visitors can watch the food being cooked in the open kitchen.

The menu is mostly the classical picks like sweet-and-sour sauce chicken. You can also find specialties like Tofu Bao - steamed tofu with vegetable filling in sweet soy sauce with steam rice, cucumber and bell pepper. Apart from Chinese dishes, Kitaika also offers classics from Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.

Address: 16, Zolotoustivska Street; 8, Raisy Okipnoi Street

Dziao Bar

Jiaozi dumplingsDziao Bar is a small spot of Pan-Asian cuisine in Obolon district located in the Epicenter shopping mall. Dziao Bar specializes on Jiaozi — dumplings with various fillings. Visitors can try traditional Chinese dish with pork, chicken & mushrooms, lamb, pork & cabbage.

Ramen is another hot pick in Dziao - the restaurant offers a 1-liter portion for extra nourishment. The flavors are intriguing fusions of Asian cuisines: spicy kimchi ramen, Lao Ban and Lao Gan Ma ramen, as well as ramen à la Shanghai.

Address: 20D, Poliarna Street

The following list is the editor's choice. All businesses are mentioned in a random order.

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