Pretty High Kitchen: An Unusual Restaurant in Lviv

Chef working on the kitchen

Pretty High Kitchen (Дуже Висока Кухня/Duzhe Vysoka Kukhnya) is a new restaurant that opened in Lviv in winter 2018 and instantly caused an uproar. The venue doesn't have a menu and waiters - the dining experience is individual.

Pretty High Kitchen is located in the heart of Old Lviv on 14, Rynok Square. The venue occupies a floor in the 16th-century building overlooking the Lviv City Council and the colorful downtown. The restaurant doesn't have waiters, only high-skilled chefs that add their touch to the Lviv restaurant scene.

The culinary team will be headed by various chefs on different days of the week, ensuring a variety of culinary styles. Besides, Pretty High Kitchen also plans to invite well-known chefs to Lviv to take a part in this project, says the restaurant's website. Guests can order the dishes they enjoy, consult with the chef to create an individual dish or trust the chef's choice based on their preferences.

According to the reviews on the restaurant's Facebook page, guests also choose the portion size or the amount of money they are willing to pay for the dish. !FEST Holding of Emotions, known for the popular Lviv restaurants like Kryivka, The House of Legends and Pravda Beer Theatre, says that Pretty High Kitchen is more of a gourmet experiment than a restaurant. Before opening the new venue, the holding established !FEST Chef School that brought the new generation of Lviv culinary scene.

Apart from food, guests will also have a chance to enjoy music on vinyl as well as the unique horn acoustics, invented and manufactured in Lviv.

Working hours: starting from January 1, 5 P.M. until 12 A.M.
Address: 14, Rynok Square

Photo sources: !FEST Holding of Emotions website. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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