Italyanskaya Redaktsiya: The New Italian Restaurant in the Downtown Kyiv

Pizza at Italyanskaya Redaktsiya in Kyiv

First Line Group (Lybimy Dyadya, JZL) opened yet another restaurant in the capital. This time, the ideologist and the founder of the company, Dmitry Zaporozhets, focused on the Italian cuisine. The restaurant's name implies "editing" the well-known Italian classics and bringing in the new vision.


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As said by the First Line Group themselves, Italyanskaya Redaktsiya is a home of an active and restless person born in Ukraine and who lives in this country but at the same time is a citizen of the entire planet. The interior is woven from experiences, impressions and memories of Dmitry Zaporozhets in collaboration with Gennady Leschuk.

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The interior is filled with numerous antiquities that pay homage to Italy in a subtle way. Bicentennial temple horses statues from Sri Lanka are a nod to the Colosseum and sacred sculptures on the ceiling, an artwork by the Ukrainian artist Dmitry Grek, are an allusion to the classic Italian sculpture tradition. The motley puzzle of numerous trinkets, art works and a myriad of details channels the strong vibe of living in the moment - indeed, the Italian way.


Brand chef Vova TashevDecades of global usage caged Italian cuisine in the frames indicated by old handwritten recipes of Italian grandmothers. Like many other chefs, the restaurant's main chef Vova Tashev studied those recipes through and through and, unlike others, decided to stay away from copy-pasting. After all, the cuisine isn't set in stone like the Pantheon but transforms with the world. It is the world that prompts Vova Tashaev to “edit” Italian cuisine - that is, to let it through the cosmopolitan and multicultural filter of our time.
Risotto with seafoodTo give an idea about the chef's careful work, veal for Vitello Tonnato is marinated for almost two days and then cooked for 8 hours at different temperatures. The latter is the key for fibers structure and leaves the meat pink and tender. It is served with the classic tuna sauce, siphoned and placed on top of meat like a cloud. The classic Risotto in Italyanskaya Redaktsiya is prepared with mushrooms, seafood and saffron. The monumental Italian dish is cooked for 40 minutes for at least two persons.
Man holding pizzaPizza, naturally, occupies a separate section on the menu. The dough is prepared on sour dough from three sorts of flour - two Italian and one from organic enthusiasts from the Kyiv region. The dough ripens from 40 to 60 hours, a luxury no pizza conveyor in Naples can afford.
Desserts in a fridge The desserts are represented by sweet classics for every taste from a moderately sweet and gentle Tiramisu with a slightly acidic apricot coulis to Cannoli, served with a berry ganache. The iconic Kyiv cake and a very chocolate Napoleon are offered here as well.

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People drinking sparkling wineItalyanskaya Redaktsiya meticulously completed the wine list with 109 Italian wines from rare local varieties like Albarola, Nuragus, Lagrein, Terrano, Nero di Troia to the biodynamic natural wines like Valle d'Aosta and Liguria, and the hits of the legendary producers like Ca'del Bosco, Walch, La Scolca, Emidio Pepe, Terre Nere, Pieropan and Pio Cesare.
BelliniThe ideologists of the restaurant went even further and introduced the trend for an aperitif - five flavors of Bellini and digestive. The classic Bellini peach is replaced with extravagant combinations: Strawberry&Rhubarb, Raspberry&Rose, Black Currant&Coconut, Peach&Elderberry and Peach&Garam Masala.

As for digestifs, Italyanskaya Redaktsiya offers four types of classic herbal infusions - Amaro, Limoncello and Crema di Limoncello, as well as Grappa in seasoned and non-seasoned variations.

Address: 43, Velyka Vasylkivska Street
Working hours: 12 P.M. - 12 A.M.
Phone number for booking a table: 067 603 4343

Photos provided by First Line Group.

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