DOM №10: Comfort Food with History in Podil

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Podil is often called the heart of Kyiv thanks to its magical atmosphere. Every corner here is filled with the stories of the past that want to be heard. Just like the story of the building number 10 on Spaska street told by the DOM №10 restaurant.


DOM10 Ancient interiorThe building №10 on Spaska Street is almost two centuries old. Once, it was home for a sculptor and his family. The ancient oak floor of the house still preserves the memory of those times in its cracks. The sculptor used to work a level below and in the evening hosted guests charmed by the vibe of Podil.
Ancient interior and sculpturesDOM №10 restaurant recreated the atmosphere of the old Podil studio house and filled it with the new creative energy: vintage mirrors and cozy fireplace exist alongside the new designer furniture. The owners also follow the old traditions passed down by the locals by generations: for instance, every morning the restaurant staff buy fragrant herbs and seasonal vegetables on Zhytnii Market located nearby.


Ukrainian foodDOM №10 is a restaurant opened by USG Holding, famous for the Golden Gate and Tequila House in Kyiv. George Sharuev, the main chef of the restaurant, defined the menu as an abundance of comfort food. Ukrainian cuisine is paid special attention here: guests will find varenyky with cherries, medovyk cake with honey, borscht, as well as three types of home-baked patties pyrizhky stuffed with meat, spring onion and eggs, or stewed cabbage.
Baked salmonThe widest food variety is represented by meat and seafood dishes: the section gathered classics from international cuisines like Indian Tikka Masala, Mediterranean Sauté with squids and artichokes and Italian risotto with white mushrooms and truffle oil. Hummus takes up a separate section on the menu and can be served separately or in a set with baked eggplant with garlic and Tahini, vegetable salad with bulgur and coriander, a vegetable salad with chickpea and homemade yogurt or a pita bun.
Person holding a bottle of wineThe restaurant's sommelier can assist with the right choice of wine from the extensive collection of 400 wines. Moreover, the menu has a separate food section carefully selected to suit different kinds of wine. To give an idea, visitors can enjoy jerked meat, cheese platters as well as antipasti and grissini.

Address: 10, Spaska Street
Working hours: daily, 11 A.M. – 11 P.M.
A phone number for booking tables: 067 502 03 54

Photos by Юлія Василега.

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