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Tartar and spices

Dima Borisov's restaurant business has become extremely popular since the opening of 1-euro-for-all Bilyi Nalyv in Kyiv. In 2019, the family business broadens horizons and the Family's chefs introduce new menus in existing restaurants.

A new Churrasco Grill restaurant in Ivano Frankivsk

chicken grillA new meat & grill restaurant opened this January in Ivano Frankivsk. Like many other venues opened by Dima Borisov, Churrasco Grill has a fixed price system. In this case, customers can order unlimited meat dishes, appetizers and dips for UAH 269.

The guest is served a set of snacks (hummus, a pâté, a black beans cream, marinated brynza cheese, curry cauliflower, pickles, fried mushrooms), a variety of sauces and freshly baked bread. Every 8 minutes each table receives various kinds of meat dishes: marinated paprika beef, lamb kebab, pork neck and BBQ ribs, chicken thighs and honey wings and spicy sausages. A pineapple in sweet chili sauce is served at the end.

The peculiarity of the restaurant is that the guest says when it's time to stop serving the dishes - so beware.

Address: 4, Lesi Ukrainky Street

Bilyi Nalyv now in Odesa

Hot dogs with ciderThe famous Bilyi Nalyv that caused an uproar in Kyiv with its 1-euro price list opened this winter in Odesa. The new venue is located in the historical building on 12, Katerynynska street. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the first floor of the building had hosted various cafes, restaurants and a theater.

The menu traditionally includes classic and vegetarian hot dogs, apple and chicken pies, as well as fresh oysters with lemon. The beverages are represented by 3 positions, all based on apples: cider, punch, and traditional Ukrainian homemade liquor nastoyanka.

Winter cocktail set in Check-in bar in Kyiv

Purple grogThe entrance to this bar is hidden behind the secret door of one of the closets near Chicken Kyiv restaurant checkroom. The cocktail menu is full of special Kyiv-themed cocktails: for instance, Gorodetskiy, Kyiv Spring, Khreschatyk, 1991 and Olimpiyskiy. Each of the drinks has unusual ingredients – for example, Khreschatyk cocktail includes chestnut cream, a homage to the symbol of Kyiv.

For winter 2019 season, Check-in bar added the new winter cocktails menu with four new drinks. Purple Grog is based on Thai tea that soothes the nerves and Spanish Leyenda Medium Dry with grape sweetness and oak notes. Lemon and honey balance out the two key ingredients. Tiramisu is a dessert in a cocktail form - made from delicious coffee, nut liqueur Frangelico and Amaretto and Tullamore Dew whiskey. The cherry on top, in this case, is vanilla foam with mascarpone.

Passion Spirits cocktail is a cry for tropical flavors - passion fruit, orange, white rum Bacardi Carta Blanca and sparkling wine. Finally, Hard Grog is 'a non-stop party', as Dima Borisov Gastro Family website suggests. The cocktail is based on Bacardi 8 Años rum and Finlandia Blackcurrant vodka. It is mixed with homemade currant syrup, black pepper and black tea with lemon.

Any cocktail from the special menu costs UAH 98.

Address: 15/4, Khreshchatyk Street

The new menu in Barsuk restaurant

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Barsuk restaurant comes back to its gastro bar roots - the menu is once again based on local, fresh and seasonal products and is inspired by world culinary trends. The concept of simple dishes - granted, not necessarily in technique - but understandable and delicious strikes back in the new set of dishes.

For breakfast, Barsuk restaurant offers two versions of a poached egg - with salmon, spinach and paprika-cream sauce or with chicken, grilled eggplants and green curry sauce. The classic oatmeal is served with almond flakes and apple or parmesan. Finally, Ukrainian syrnyky in Barsuk are made from farm cheese and served with sour cream and berry sauce.

The list of appetizers now includes new options like hummus with pine nuts, grilled eggplant with yogurt, dried tomatoes and chili pepper, chicken liver pate with green onion, salted cucumber and soft egg, and baked beet with spicy salmon, green onion, nuts and yogurt. For dinner, guests are offered chicken broth with egg and greens, tomato & fish soup with fennel, pork cut with tomato salad and fresh tarragon and chicken shashlyk with bread and pickled onions.

As for the evening time, Barsuk now serves spicy beef tartare with bulgur, fresh herbs, fragrant spices, salmon sashimi with avocado, daikon and fresh soy sprouts, a Ribeye steak with beef demi-glace, grilled stuffed vegetables, mussels with coconut cream and fragrant herbs, hummus with shrimp, tomatoes, fresh ginger, greenery, chili pepper, fresh oyster with lemon and a salad with spicy salmon, greens, soy sprouts, dried tomatoes and avocado mousse.

Fans of Ukrainian cuisine have a chance to enjoy Kyiv borsht, holubtsi with sour cream and pike cutlets with mashed potatoes.

Address: 3, Yevgena Gutsala Lane

Source and photo source: borysov.com.ua. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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