Everything to Know about Kyiv Food Market

Kyiv Food Market

The founder of the famous Odesa City Market Alex Cooper decided to open a similar venue in Kyiv. Let's see what is known about it so far.

Ukrainian restaurateur Alex Cooper, known for projects like Cooper Burger, MAO and Molodost cafe, announced the opening of the new food market in Kyiv. The format is well-known in Odesa, where the local food market steadily lures in locals and tourists.

In his late 2018 Facebook post, Cooper has announced that Kyiv Food Market will gather 25 best restaurant projects of Ukraine in the city center. While Alex said that the building was quite spacious (2000 square meters) and was built in 1801, the exact address and location weren't disclosed right away.
kyiv food marketIn January, the restaurateur shared more insights into the future project - Kyiv Food Market will be located on 4, Moskovska Street, right in front of the entrance to the Arsenalna metro station. According to Cooper, the building has been empty for decades. Currently, the building is being reconstructed to match its initial historical look.

As for the Kyiv Food Market itself, the project will consist of 26 food corners, a culinary school and a pop-up restaurant. Cooper mentioned that the most part of the project members have already been selected, but the team is currently seeking 7 more venues to join the market. The opening is scheduled for spring 2019.

You can follow the Kyiv Food Market Facebook page for more updates.

Photo sources: Kyiv Food Market Facebook page. All images belong to their rightful authors.

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