New Varenychna “Baluvana Galya” in Kyiv

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Delicious varenyky (dumplings with various fillings) are the essence of traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Obviously, the dining spot called “varenychna” cannot be anything else but the restaurant presenting the whole magnificence of Ukrainian culinary delicacies. New “Baluvana Galya” restaurant in the city center welcomes to experience the authentic taste of Ukraine.

cutlets on frying pan
New “Baluvana Galya” on Antonovycha street is the second restaurant of the brand – the first one is located near Klovska subway station. The dining spot has been founded by the well-known restauranteur Igor Sukhomlyn, who owns 17 restaurants in Kyiv, Lviv, Cherkassy, Chernigiv and Zhytomyr. Apart from “Baluvana Galya”, the list of his restaurants includes “Chashka”, “Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza”, “Buba”, “Velurov” and “Sharlotka”.


Though the restaurant offers classic Ukrainian dishes, the interior keeps to the modern style. Actually, even the motto of “Baluvana Galya” sounds like “Classic Ukrainian cuisine from different regions in the modern interior”. This is what differs “Baluvana Galya” from other Ukrainian cuisine restaurants – instead of traditional Ukrainian ornaments and folk motifs, here you will see modern decor elements and lamps, simple wooden furniture and hall designed in gray, white & red colors.

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varenyky and tea
As for the menu, it provides wide choice of Ukrainian culinary classics. Of course, here you will find many kinds of varenyky: salty with potatoes & mushrooms, vegetables & cream cheese, chicken, meat or liver as well as sweet options with curd & raisins and with cherry & blueberry. Besides, the menu offers several kinds of soups: the famous borscht, chicken bouillon, okroshka and bograch (goulash typical for Zakarpattia region). The assortment of main courses also includes Banusz, cabbage rolls, fish cutlets, derynu with sour cream and other tasty dishes. There are plenty of worthy salads and snacks – for example, dressed herring, Odesa forshmak and marinated salo. As for desserts, guests can pick Lviv syrnyk, pancakes with honey & nuts, ice cream or cheesecake.


set of liquors
“Baluvana Galya” restaurant delights with wide range of drinks. Here you can try the best Ukrainian wines (such as Koblevo and Chizay), brand liquors with horse radish, honey or cherry, hot mulled wine, beer, cognac and vodka. Of course, there are also options for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks: many kinds of tea, coffee, homemade lemonades, juices, compote and uzvar.
New varenychna “Baluvana Galya” is a perfect choice for those who appreciate traditional Ukrainian cuisine, good atmosphere and reasonable prices.
Address: 50, Antonovycha street
Photo source: Facebook page of “Baluvana Galya” restaurant. All photos belong to their rightful owners.

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