Where to Find Healthy Fastfood in Kyiv: New MIRA Cafe on Besarabka


Recently the fourth MIRA café opened in Kyiv on Besarabska sqare. This is a cafe of healthy, fast and wholesome food, where you can find only natural products and drink very good coffee.

MIRA cafe in Kyiv is suitable for energizing an early breakfast (opens at 8:00 a.m.), a healthy snack, a wholesome lunch and a light dinner. There is 50% discount on ready-made meals from 20:30 to 21:00 (just before closing).
“To go” is the main format of the cafe, but there is a cozy stand and tables for those who want to stay in a cafe.
The shelf life of almost all dishes in MIRA cafe does not exceed 24 hours, so you can be sure that the food is not only healthy, but also fresh.

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The range of menu in the coffee house consists of healthy and varied salads, dinners, spinach tortilla wraps, healthy sandwiches, cream soups and sugar-free desserts. Here you can drink coffee with regular or vegetable milk (at the cost of regular milk). Vegetable milk is made right here with the help of a special milkmaker, which guarantees the absence of any additional impurities in it, except nuts and water.
The cafe regularly updates its menu.
Other MIRA cafes in the city you can find at:
st. Vozdvizhenska, 25
st. Yaroslaviv Val, 20
st. Obolonska Embankment, 1
The grand opening of MIRA cafe on Esplanadna, 32 will take place very soon.
Photos: provided by MIRA cafe

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