The Journalist Cafe in Kyiv: Workspace and Coffee Shop

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If you are in the center of the city and you want to work with a laptop while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee, then you need to get into The Journalist cafe in Kyiv.

The founders of the cafe call this place a gastronomic coffee house with wine and light meals. The coffee shop is located on Khreshchatyk Street in the building of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
Here they make coffee from different varieties of freshly roasted coffee beans using classical and alternative methods. Here you can try coffee with vegetable milk made with the special machine, without adding any preservatives and sweeteners. Coffee prices range from UAH 35 to 70, wine costs from UAH 70 to 105 per glass. There are some sandwiches, croissants, cheese and meat sets which you can order as appetizers with wine.

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The Journalist café often hosts various meetings, trainings and public talks with journalists who gather here not only “for a reason”, but also come just to work with a laptop over a cup of coffee.
There are special offers for journalists here, for example, Irish coffee prepared according to a special recipe - with French black currant liqueur.
The Journalist cafe is already loved by those who appreciate good coffee in Kyiv and like to work in a relaxed atmosphere.
Khreschatyk St, 27A, Kyiv

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