GREK i VETER Bar with Greek Food and Hip-Hop Music

Hip-Hop Bar

Greek cuisine is loved by the residents of Kyiv since long time, and if you combine it with good music and drinks, you’ll have the GREK i VETER bar at Podil.

Podil is a youth center of Kyiv with its many bars, cafes, galleries, nightclubs and parties. It is not a surprise, that another new establishment was opened here. GREK i VETER is a bar with good music and tasty food.

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Kyiv bartenders Gerasimos Livieratos and Oleg Veter conceived to open a small bar serving Greek street food and where everyone can relax with a company of friends. In the afternoon it is the place with delicious food, and in the evening it is a spot for party. The menu is simple, but appetizing, you can take food “to go”.

GREK i VETER bar with Greek food and hip-hop music is one more spot in Kyiv which makes this city so cozy and special.
Nyzhny Val Street,19, Mon-Thu - 12: 00-23: 00, Sat - 15: 00-03: 00
Photos: GREK i VETER Facebook Page

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