Chachavarnya Georgian Restaurant in Kyiv Downtown


Georgian cuisine is extremely popular in Ukraine and not only Ukrainians appreciate it, but also the expats and the tourists of Kyiv city. Georgian tasty food, delicious wines and hospitality attract people to Georgian restaurants.

New Chachavarnya restaurant recently opened in the center of Kyiv. Two large hooch stills are the main treasure of this restaurant. Here they make the classic home-made chacha and you need to be careful enough with it, because its strength is about 70 degrees.

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Chacha is the bright sample of Georgian culture, as well as the famous brands of Georgian wines or dishes of national cuisine. It belongs to the class of grape brandy, is distilled from the product left from the pressure of grapes for wine production: rind, pulp, juice, seeds, crests and bunches of grapes. Sometimes it is also produced with fruits - tangerines, oranges, persimmon, figs, mulberries, cherry plums, cornels and others.
Classical, fruity, herbal or citrus chachas are available in Chachavarnya restaurant. Chacha is served in special horns so you have to drink it at once, because it is simply impossible to put them on the table after drinking.
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Chacha is complemented by dishes of national cuisine. In addition to the classic kebabs, khinkali and khachapuri, there is a huge selection of dishes from different types of meat and methods of their preparation, fish dishes and snacks as well as vegetable salads. Traditional Georgian sweets are for the dessert.
Of course, no Georgian restaurant can do without wine. The wine list contains a solid collection of Georgian wines from indigenous grape varieties: Rkatsiteli, Saperavi and others.
It is worth coming here for a business lunch, as well as with a large company of friends or for a family-style dinner. Georgian hospitality and delicious food are provided for you here.
Address: st. Pushkinska, 1–3 / 5, Kyiv
Work time: 11: 00-23: 00
Average bill: UAH 500
Photos: Chachavarnya Facebook Page

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